16 July 2019
MASP - what is it for? MASP SYSTEM is a developed METALCHEM-WARSZAWA S.A. Automatic Rinsing System for pumping stations. It moves sediments from the bottom, breaks up the floating sludge
16 July 2019
APPLICATION --> CONTROLBOX --> DRIVE --> GATE VALVE THE SYSTEM YOU HAVE is a Mobile Gate Valve Application based on the GSM data transfer technology. The set consists of applications
16 July 2019
We present the effects of modernization of the old pumping station from the 1960s. We used the old tank as a protect and in the middle we put in new

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The basic activity of our company is the production of submersible pumps and pumping stations for sewage and rainwater. We also deal with devices for mixing and aeration of wastewater, control and monitoring systems: pumping stations, water treatment stations and pressure boosting. In addition, we provide services in periodic inspections, service and modernization of all types of pumping stations. We advise, design and make. In production, we also have very good quality pumps for transformer oils type CTR.

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