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Read more about sewage pumps, download drawings and manual for pump, manual for pumping stations

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CAD Blocks for designers

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Polish sewage pumping stations

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Certyfikat ISO 2019


Deklaracja CE na Pompy


Deklaracja CE na Rozdzielnice


Deklaracja CE na Strumienice


Deklaracja CE na Mieszadła

Deklaracja CE na pompy CTR


Big sewage pumps

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Program selecting pumps or pumping stations

PDPiPr - Program Selecting Pumps & Pumping Stations

The PDPiPr Pump and Pumping Station Selection Program, as its name implies, is a program select pumping stations in use with Metalchem-Warszawa S.A. production pumps We start work with the selection program already with a minimum amount of data. You can choose from many different tanks, discharge pipelines and inside pumping stations and all our pumps. We can determine the calculation methods according to the Polish Standard, Colebrook-White or others. For less advanced users, automatic selection is recommended, for more advanced is possible to manual selection of all parameters, infinite possibilities of estimating results are available.


Download program  (only polish version)

Sludge pumps accesoriess

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