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MSV, MSK, 15, 50, 80 etc. How to read it?

Purpose & Division

Cheap and good pumps for waste water

Dear customers, we give you almost 100 types of pumps divided and marked by us because of their construction and purpose. Because we use other pumps for raw sewage containing solids (cords, pieces of materials, sand, etc.) and others for pumping dirty water (i.e. sewage and rainwater without their content), we divided the pumps into three groups resulting from the type of used in them rotors and into eight groups of varying sizes of solids that can easily pass through the pump. An explanation of the codes we use is below:

MSV - means a pump with a Vortex type impeller and a free passage under the impeller specified by the next part of the name: 15, 50 or 80. This size determines the allowable dimension of the ball of a given diameter in millimeters, which should pass without obstruction. The exception are MSV-15 pumps, for which the ball size is smaller than 10mm and should not be used for raw sewage. The small passage causes that they are often clogged with solids occurring in raw sewage.

MSK - means a pump with a channel impeller and a passage through the impeller channel specified by the next part of the name: 80, 90 or 100. This size determines the permissible size of the ball with a given diameter in millimeters, which should pass without difficulty through the impeller channel. The number of impeller channels is indicated with the "K" designation. This is important when determining the operating environment of the pump. In raw sewage, single-channel impeller pumps work best because of the low probability of rags and fibrous materials wrapping on it. Multi-channel impellers have higher efficiency but lower resistance to winding of fibrous materials, which is why they work better on mechanically treated sewage or rainwater.

R - marking of the pump with a grinding device, whose task is to cut solids contained in sewage into small pieces capable of overcoming the narrow gaps between the impeller and the pump body. Similarly to MSV-15, these pumps, due to the short distances between the impeller and the pump body, have lower pressure losses and can feed the medium to higher heights than pumps with large passages with relatively low energy consumption. When choosing them, it should be remembered that the cutting capabilities of knives are limited in relation to many materials, which, although they should not, are often found in sewage (mops, diapers, wires, stones, etc.).

Here's how we mark our pumps in practice:

Czekamy na Ciebie od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 7-15

MS V - 80 - 22 4 H - Z*
1 2   3   4 5 6   7
  1. Submersible pump by Metalchem-Warszawa Spółka Akcyjna.
  2. Rotor Type:
    V - Vortex, open impeller with passage under the blades,
    K1 - Channel, closed impeller with one channel,
    K2 - Channel, closed impeller with two channels.
  3. Free passage of balls in diameter in millimeters (under the open impeller or through the channel in the closed impeller), not available with the version with a grinder. Designations: 15, 50, 80, 90, 100 and R - chopper.
  4. Engine power in kW (excluding decimal places).
  5. Number of motor poles (indicates speed).
  6. Pump lift height with given power:
    L - low,
    M - average
    H - high,
    No designation means that there is one variety in the series.
  7. Optional designation of the version:
    Z - with a catch (for mounting on the autocoupling),
    P - with flexible hose connection,
    S - on a stand,
    K - with a basket

    It is possible to combine markings, e.g. MSV-80-24PK - a pump with a basket and a connector for a flexible hose.

    Example of MSV-80-124L-Z designation
    Submersible pump with Vortex impeller, 80mm free passage under the impeller, 12.5kW, 4-pole motor, low-lift, with coupling for mounting on the autocoupling.





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