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Cooling pumps for oil

Transformer oil pumps CTR


Pumps kind of CTR

Hermetic centrifugal pumps of the CTR type are intended for forcing the circulation of transformer oil through the oil cooler of large power transformers and can be used as circulation pumps in the heating system of energy station rooms with heat contained in transformer oil.

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The CTR pump has a glandless construction and is a hermetic monoblock containing a centrifugal pump wet electric motor.The pump body and motor housing inside of which the pump rotor and motor rotor are located on a common shaft are connected through a bearing cover. The shaft is mounted in rolling bearings, the front of which is located in the bearing cover. All connections of pump and motor elements are sealed with O-rings made of oil-resistant rubber. Thanks to the arrangement of holes in the bearing cover and the channels in the pump shaft oil circulates through the internal circulation, which results in engine cooling, bearing lubrication and reduction of the axial force in the bearings to a minimum. The terminal box space is separated from the motor space by a sealed clamping plate, through which also the sealed terminal pins supply voltage to the motor stator windings.Electricity is supplied to the terminal box through a tight cable gland.

During transport and storage, tight sealing of pump connectors is required. Since the pumped oil is also a cooling and lubricating agent in the engine, its absolute purity is required.

At present, we manufacture pumps of the following sizes:

  1.     CTR-125-5.5 with a 5.5 kW motor

  2.     CTR-125-5,5A with a 5.5 kW motor

  3.     CTR-100-3 with a 3kW motor


Oil pumps diemnsions


CAD Blocks

Monoblock pumps for oil
Cooling transformer
Cooling system pumps
  • CTR pumps do not require additional engine cooling.
  • They also have the ability to self-vent during work.
  • However, if due to the pump system there is a need for additional venting before starting the pump, this can be done by means of vent plugs.
  • The pump is adapted for direct attachment to pipelines.
  • It should be fixed so that the terminal box is in the lower position. The design of the pump allows the position of the connection stubs so that this condition is met. Adjusting the position of the discharge nozzle relative to the box is possible every 45º
Recirculation oil pumps
Pump type Dimensions [mm]       Connectors/Flanges Dimensions      Weight
Kind A B C E F G H d Dz Do g Ø n kg
CTR-125-5,5 470 140 280 480 220 190 222 125 250 210 22 18 8 135
CTR-125-5,5A 470 140 280 480 220 190 222 125 250 210 22 18 8 133
CTR-100-3 460 125 220 390 180 150 194 100 210 170 20 18 4 90



forced warm oil circulation


Oil pumps parameters
Work parameters Unit CTR-125-5,5 CTR-125-5,5A CTR-100-3
Flow Q [m³/h] 100 100 45
Head H [m] 12 8 13
Power P [kW] 5,5 5,5 3
Rotation N [obr/min.] 1450 1450 1420
Nominal Voltage U [V] 400/500* 400/500* 400/500*
Nominal Current I [A] 12,1/9,2 12,1/9,2 7,3/5,4

                   * Special version

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